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if courageously taking care of your people and yourself resonates with how you desire to lead and live!

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Hi, I’m Claudette

A courageous conversationalist

Difficult conversations often lead down a path of negativity, doubt, fear and failure. Courageous conversations about difficult issues change the trajectory to understanding, awareness, collaboration, hope, tangible solutions, and growth. Witnessing hundreds of positive transformations, I advocate for using courageous conversations to manifest life-altering experiences for leaders, managers, employees, and clients, seeking the best way to move the dial on complex issues and yield undeniable results.


Courageous Conversations

Nothing changes without

Shifting mindset, building teams and relationships, course correction, overcoming unproductive behaviours every significant change first begins with a courageous conversation. 


And yes, there are thousands of types of conversations. We engage in small talk, debates, dialogues, diatribes, discourse, challenging, educational, relational , coaching, mentoring conversations; the list is endless.

So what makes courageous conversations different? 

Have you ever left a conversation and thought, "That was a waste of time! We never addressed the real issue(s)."  Why does this happen?  The root cause of unchallenged issues is fear, and it is locking you and your team in a holding pattern of stagnancy. 

Courageous Conversations empowers each person to speak their truth openly and freely, Addressing real issues,  identifying the consequences, then building concrete action plans for change. 




Yes, this will take work,  we don't offer a 5-minute quick fix. Complex issues take time. AND you will feel moments of discomfort, but ignoring it will still keep you up at night! Whether you want to learn how to have a life-altering courageous conversation or lean on us to guide you through the experience, because "if you have the courage to begin you have the courage to succeed" - Harry Hoover

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I didn't create the mess, but I have to solve it

I didn't create the mess, but I needed a practical solution to support my team. Experiencing courageous conversations coaching with Claudette then learning and applying the techniques with my team resulted in a substantial increase in our quarterly employee satisfaction score. When asked why 87% of the team indicated the number one contributing factor was the practice of courageous conversations. 


- Richard, Manager

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen - T.S. Eliot

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